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About Julian

Julian Fullerton Smith has been working with clay for well over 20 years. After training in Scotland and Wales, he moved to Ireland in 1995. Initially he lived in Galway but soon discovered Kinsale, and established his own studio there in 1996.

Julian has established himself as one of Ireland's foremost Raku artists. Raku is a technique originating in Japan in the sixteenth century, in which work is rapidly fired and removed from the kiln when glowing red-hot. The piece is then placed in a container with combustible materials creating striking colours using metallic oxides. The charm of Raku lies in its use of primitive materials which nevertheless can produce highly sophisticated results.

Julian's Work

black head raku panel Dragon head raku panel Copper torso Black and copper lahf torso White crackle torso White clackle bum Copper matt torso Copper matt bum Blue lace torso Blue lace bum White crackle and copper mask Blue and black terrasigilata mask Small blue and white crackle mask White crackle pots Blue luster raku pots Raku trout Raku mackerel Raku angel fish Raku trigger fish Raku archer fish Raku flat fish Raku pike Raku owl Small hearts Landscape heart Raku lace pouch White crackle and blue cat Fish box Lovers plaque High heel shoe

Contact Julian

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Address: 17 Ard Na Mara, Cappagh, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland


Telephone: +353 21 4774099

Mobile: +353 86 3225089